Car Wash Sponge – Chenille

  • PERFECT CAR WASH TOOL: This two sided sponge is easy to slip on and off giving you ultimate control and completely pick up all dirt and grime to leave your car sparkling.
  • MICROFIBERS TO LEAVE NO MARKS YOUR CAR: The chenille microfiber material is perfect for cleaning and scrubbing effectively without worrying about damaging your car with scratches.
  • A STRONG AND DURABLE PRODUCT: The sponge is made to withstand the intense motions you make when washing your car so it won’t fall apart and leave lint behind.
  • ABSORBENT TO HOLD WATER AND SOAP: Heavily absorbent due to the thick microfibers so easily retains all water and soap for maximum lather to wipe away grime without swirls.
  • WASHABLE AND DRYABLE: Safe to throw in your washing machine on a low heat, gentle cycle then dried in dryer to clean and wash and it won’t break or fall apart.


Product description


Wash your car with complete mastery with our two-sided wash sponge that slips on your hand and gives you the free-movement and flexibility you need to get the optimal wash for your car. Our two-sided wash sponges are crafted specifically for your car to achieve that perfect lather that will give your vehicle that brand-new shine without leaving behind any marks, scratches, spots, or lint.


• Chenille microfibers for detailed wash to eliminate all grime
• Double stitched elastic cuff to grip on your wrist with comfort
• Soft and gentle for a scratch-free wash
• Machine washable and dryable


Car washes get expensive, and they often don't do the job quite the way you want it. They may leave suds and swirls behind for you to wipe off, or worse, they leave scratches! No one cares for your car as much as you, and our two-sided wash sponges provide you with a max effort wash that most competitors cannot compete with. Be your own car wash and clean your vehicle with the tenderness and care it deserves.


Have a truck? An RV? A Motorcycle? Clean them up, too! Our two-sided wash sponges clean the surfaces of all your vehicles and give them a proper hand wash that will leave them sparkling. It's high absorbency will give it the great soapy lather you need for the biggest vehicles you have no matter what surface for a faster and easier wash.


The elastic cuff is strong but stretchy so that it fits on hands of all sizes. The sponge itself is the perfect size so that it's big enough for any adult to use, but not too big that it will be hard to use. The glove also won't get too heavy when it completely absorbs water so you can rest assured it will be very comfortable to use whether you have big or small hands.


  • We ship Worldwide!
  • US/UK/CAD/AUS: ETA 7-15 days
  • Europe & Worldwide: ETA 12-20 days
  • UPDATE: Due to a large increase in traffic, we’re currently running low on this product, so please hurry and place your order.

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