Handy Palm Travel Pillow

Tired of travelling alone?

This Handy Palm Travel Pillow not only save you from horrendous neck pains, but it also gives you a warm embrace easing you to sleep anywhere you go! The pillow bends into dozens of shapes meaning you can find the one that suits you best.

It also rolls up fitting into a standard back pack for easy travel! 


  • Super soft short plush+ senior pearl cotton+ aluminum keel, when you finish your sleep, you won't keep your mark on your face.

  • This Handy Palm Travel Pillow have a aluminum keel, you can adjust the most comfortable sleeping position at any time. Perfect support for your neck and head, it will not become rigid.

  • Unique palm shape design, fix and protect your body.

  • This Handy Palm Travel Pillow's winding design, it can be wrapped around trunk or backpack for easy carrying.

  • This Handy Palm Travel Pillow is your long journey, office nap good choice(Airplane, Auto, Bus, Train, Office, Camping, Wheelchairs).

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