Pet Dog Toilet Picker


●Easy To Use: No stuck on poo! No gloves needed! Cover the scooper with bag,easy and fast to pick up. Or give the non-stick shovel a quick rinse & you're done!
●Environmentally Friendly: Remove dog poop and waste from any surface without using your hands.Simply cover scoop jaws with plastic bag and avoid the sensation of picking up any animal waste.

●Easy to use: Great for yard work, such as pine cones and leaves, too. Plus, kids love it!
●Durable material - Made of high quality and non-toxic plastic that is anti-microbial and odour resistant. Easy to detach and clean.


Light weight, portable hook design, easy to carry when walking.
★ Special quality: made of ABS plastic. Tooth groove mouth, not missing, not breathable, easy to grasp.
Arc handshake design, easy to operate.
★ The Pet Pooper Scooper and garbage bag case are designed in one. The garbage bag is easy to load and unload.


★ Pet types: dogs,cats, small animals, all
★ Product Size: 25.5*6.8*12.5
★ Colour: blue,red,yellow
★ Number of projects: 1
★ Features: Short handle, portable, environmentally friendly