Pet Water Fountain


Have you been looking for just the right pet water drinking dispenser - but finding they are too small or have noisy pumps and water sounds?

We have the solution - Whether you have a cat, small dog or bird we have the best drinking fountain solution for you.

Our Blue Flower Water Fountain holds 1.6L of fresh water to ensure while away at work or travel that your pet has plenty to drink. Using the carbon activated filter to catch small particles and salvia left from your pets.

Quiet pump - The ultra - silent energy efficient pump will run for 20,000 hours and quietly keep water fresh for your pets.

You get all the items you need to help keep your pets well hydrated. A silicone mat provides surface protection and helps keep area dry along with keeping the bowl secure to drink. Fun flower spout provides 3 different fun water flow settings to keep your pet entertained. Gentle bubble flow, faucet like stream with bubble flow or faucet stream. Find out which setting works best for your pet.


Dishwasher safe - Easy to assemble and disassemble to clean with parts being dishwasher safe except for pump and filter. Filters should be changed monthly to ensure clean water. To get the most out of your pump make sure to clean out the pump every few weeks. Just take out and rinse with soapy water.

100% Satisfaction guarantee - Our water fountains are backed by our manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee with 1 year free replacement warranty.

Get this water drinking bowl for your pets today to start providing them with fresh and fun water.


  • 1 x pet drinker
  • 1 x power adapter (can be equipped with: US, British, European, Australian, Japanese, national standard)
  • 1 x charcoal filter
  • 1 x instruction manual
  • 1 x mat
  • 3 x Filter element

We ship Worldwide!
US/UK/CAD/AUS: ETA 7-15 days
Europe & Worldwide: ETA 12-20 days
UPDATE: Due to a large increase in traffic, we’re currently running low on this product, so please hurry and place your order.